Sunday, February 7, 2010

veni vidi vici

well, the conquering part is in progress, but isn't it always?

I have been messing with my blog, it isn't exactly what I want it to be yet, but it's close enough for now and works decently. I hate how all of your lists in your sidebar get deleted when you change your layout, so lame... so if I seem to have forgotten your name/link somewhere, or would like to have it here, just let me know

but back to conquering...
most of my teachers, one in particular, knock on me for not being able to use ink very well. I've even been told to just not do it, which I understand their point. I've been sticking to flat shapes and lineless artstuffs for so long, and I've been doing everything digitally lately, which is fun... but honestly, I've been playing it safe by doing so. Especially by using the computer, it's both the ultimate tool, but also a huge drawback! The reason I use the computer, is because there is so much room for tweaking, and fixing, and erasing. I never finish anything, and nothing seems to have any personality or life when I use it. So, now i've picked up a sketchbook and ink, gesso, and acrylic, and i've been happy with what i've gotten so far! especially ink + gesso, it's one of my favorite things to mess around with.

the toucanet and iron giant are older, but I love them so much. I also used copper paint in the toucanet, so it's pretty cool in person :)

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