Monday, May 5, 2014

Learning to Blink!

I have to learn some basic animation for work.  Mostly wiggly squashy stretch stuff.  Here's my first night's practice and progression.  I will continue to make Bloberella do much more in the nights to come! (Including squash with her blink)

Test 1

Test 2 
(not much different visually, but different in my attempt)

Test 3
Took what I learned from my 2 quick tests, and set out to make something more complex.

Here is a Test 4 where I played with timing, the frames as she closes her eyes went faster.  However, .gif doesn't seem to save it out any different than my Test 3.

Wish me luck with continuing!

1 comment:

Meng Her said...

Awesome job. Test 3 is definitely feeling good. I like the little overlapping action with the eyelashes.